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Radical Running
670 14181

Training site of a marathoner and geek.
Profoundly sarcastic, often overly caffeinated.

Moore On Running
14 2194

A regular guy who hated to run, but now can't live without it. In 2007 Noah decided to change his life. He changed the way he ate and started to run. After losing 100 pounds, he is now a runner.
Running Man
2 2157

A site devoted to running, a place for inspiration, keeping up on gear, spirituality, all things healthy, marathons, weight management, aging and other goals.
See Dane Run
1 2238

Race reviews, interviews and insights on the road from the man who ran 52 consecutive weekly marathons.
MCM Mama
1 1582

50 states. 50 races. And as many craft breweries as I can hit along the way.
1 920

Soark is American made Running Apparel since 1986.
How 2 Run Fast
1 1745

3 time Boston Marathon Qualifier with more than 30 years of running experience providing you with the latest information to help you achieve your running goals.
1 508
Whether you are a long distance runner or a sprinter, you'll find the tools you need to get in shape at
Run for your Life
1 1003
The online diary of an Octogenarian runner.
run + travel
0 1044

Running, travel (particularly running-while-traveling), book reviews, and training to improve from a mid-pack runner to an age-group winner.

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The Essence of Running
0 647
A Running Blog that is dedicated towards personal experiences serious and funny. The Essence of Running is........ A guy reaching his ideal racing weight and obtaining PR's while juggling work and o
0 438
Old lady running
Miles For Hope
0 678
We are a brain tumor foundation that holds 5k events across the country to bring awareness to brain tumors, fund cutting edge research as well as travel assistance for brain tumor patients who have a
Running, Writing, and The Human Experience
0 703
This blog is from an author, marathoner, and therapist about the running and writing life, with mass media reviews sprinkled about from time to time
Running For Speed Training Programs
0 418
We are host to runners posting up running information to help everyone begin running for speed. We have training programs, guides, review, products, and more that will help you shave seconds off your mile, run with proper posture and pose, gain athletic
0 772
A blog about my love affair with running and how it guides me through life... and other musing
Detroit Runner
0 1161

Marathon running/training mostly in Michigan!
Run Away with K
0 623
Runner training for her first half marathon, tips, running plans.
Mountain Ambitions
0 550
Before celebrating my 40th birthday on 24th July 2012 I will complete a Bob Graham Round. That's a 66 mile run over 42 Cumbrian mountains with c. 28,000 feet of climb in less than 24 hours. All advice and support will be gratefully appreciated. In the mea
Running on Apples
0 528
Marathon runner in the making. Join me and read about my progress, training for my first ever marathon.

Rank Site In Out
Running the Race
0 792

Our running- and healthy-living adventures on the southern tip of Africa!
Vintage 50s
0 704
Mostly devoted to discussion of running, with some posts on spirituality as well.
Pounds To Miles
0 706
Journals the day to day dealings with running, marathons, training, diet and exercise. It's one woman's journey from taking her eye off of the prize to being fit again.
Run Far And Prosper
0 386
Running, Active Lifestyle, Healt
Jeremy's Run
0 489
Jeremy's Run is a 10k run, 5k run, 1 mile fun run and a 5k walk every Memorial Day in Olney, Maryland. The purpose of this event is to raise awareness to the dangers of substance abuse.
Try Not to Puke on the Finish Line!
0 559
Just a little blog about triathlon, running and life in general!
From The Couch To A Marathon
0 453
Follow my journey as I go from a couch potato to a marathon runner. From The Couch To A Marathon is full of my personal journey, inspiration, encouragement, tips and more for runners.
28 | My journey from Fat 2 Phat
0 479
I have lost over 175lbs. in the past two years through diet, exercise and ... RUNNING! I chronicle my journey from Fat 2 Phat!
Moms TRI Harder
0 177

Swimmer. Biker. Runner. Mother.
1 foot 2 foot.. run
0 220

I am self proclaimed tech junkie but have a growing affection for all gadgets, attire that go along with the running lifestyle.
Running Laughs!
0 258
Author of best-selling "I Run, Therefore I Am - NUTS!" provides humorous blog about running
[Fitness, Health and Happiness]
0 700
I'm a wife and mom of 2 that is passionate about running and an overall healthy lifestyle. I thrive on motivating others, setting goals, attaining them and raising the bar. Living a healthy lifestyle is not about perfection. It's about commitment, effort
TRM - The Running Man Blog
0 139
The blog describes my journey from novice runner to completing my first marathon.
NYC Running Mama
0 950
It's a blog that chronicles the author's journey through motherhood, running, and life. She offers insights into running during pregnancy and with a young child, and how to stay true to the runner y
0 679
A Passion for Running and finding not only the perseverance to go that extra mile but go against the odds in Running and in life. Running on Faith and Trusting God to Get you there.
Health,fitness an
0 335
Running, Shoes, Gear and Ramblings from a Late Adopter. Running at 60 degrees North Latitude in Bethel, Alaska training for 2 to 3 marathons per year. Will review running shoes, gear and technology.
Go Run a Race
0 436
This is your place to find a race to run - or a shoe to wear while running it. You can link race reports and shoe reviews for others to read, as well as leave comments to help others decide to buy a shoe or run a race. Please add your favorite races and s
0 1369

Blog about training for races from 5k to the marathon
Once and Future Runner
0 713
"Once a Runner - Always a Runner" - this is what I am trying to prove! 20 years ago I ran cross country, and was the captain of my highschool team. Today I am a slightly overweight and out of shape ex-runner, working toward the marine corps marathon.
Vintage 50s
0 385
About training for running and running races as well as triathlons. It's Vintage 50's because I was born in 1950, so I can only write about training for this older athlete.
Running With My Demons
0 468
I'm a recreational athlete living in the Lower Hudson Valley of NY exploring my passion for endurance sports and the outdoors.

I've run 13 marathons and love getting out for a run or a bike ride. I've just completed my first 50k Ultra this Spring. I'm
South Harlem Runner
0 555
I live in Harlem, but I run all over NYC.
Run HARD - Always FINISH
0 363
Follow a Clydesdale's journey in running.
Whitness the Fitness
0 447
One woman's journey to a lifetime of fitness . . . one mile at a time.
Sanity and Sweet Tea
0 484
My journey to eat healthier, become a better runner, wife, mom and teacher in the process.
Jessi's a Runner
0 294
I have started to run! This will be my motivation to continue to run! As I document my running successes and struggles I will be propelled forward to finish my goal! What is Goal 1? A 5K by the end of
Coffee on the Run
0 529
These are the tales of a 38 year old married father of 3 and his life on the run. No, not from the police...I'm a runner.
My Journey To Under 3 Hours For My 1st Marathon
0 455

Follow my blog as I attempt my 1st marathon (Robin Hood Nottingham September 2011) and try to complete it in under 3 hours! Also read about my training and see how I'm getting on with Vibram Fivefing
Mom's Gone Running
0 728
31 year old mom of 5! Started running last summer and just completed my 2nd marathon! Come along with me as I pretend to know what I am doing...
Running With The Girls
0 758
a mom of 2, addicted to running and training with a fabulous group of girls

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