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Radical Running
379 11031
Training site of a marathoner and geek.
Profoundly sarcastic, often overly caffeinated.

MCM Mama
61 1215
50 states. 50 races. And as many craft breweries as I can hit along the way.
RunnerDude's Blog
3 4042
Anything and everything about running, fitness, and nutrition
These days, I call myself a marathon runner
2 714
As much to my surprise as everyone else's, I've changed my life around & now run ultra-marathons, have a 3:49 marathon PR & in May 2013 I ran 10 marathons in 10 days!
Mom's Little Running Buddy
2 174
Working Mom of two toddlers that loves running fast and running long. Providing tips and plans to help you find your stride!