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Running With My Demons
I'm a recreational athlete living in the Lower Hudson Valley of NY exploring my passion for endurance sports and the outdoors.

I've run 13 marathons and love getting out for a run or a bike ride. I've just completed my first 50k Ultra this Spring. I'm

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50 Marathons/50 States
0 339
This blog follows my journey to complete my goal of running one marathon in each state. I didn't set a time limit to complete this goal but plan to pursue it aggressively.
Hotlegs Runner
0 530

This blog follows my personal quest to becoming healthy, fit, and happy by leading a consistent healthy active lifestyle and inspiring others along the way.
52 Beginnings
0 827

This is my running journey, as I venture to run 52 marathons in 52 weeks. I'm running to raise funds and hope for South African orphans. Running has changed my life, and I'm using it to change other
I Have Run
0 958

The running and life adventures of a mom, wife, writer, runner.
Fartleks : A Runner's Diary
0 402

From an unlikely athlete, this blog is a personal form of accountability and motivation. A girl with the attention span of a fly needs all the help she can get. Using a tad bit of satirical humor, th
Joggin' Momma
0 511
The trials and tribulations of a new momma getting back into running, with babe in tow!
0 340
I like to consider myself a runner. I'm not fast, but I get out there and I pound away on the pavement. My blog is my way of keeping myself accountable and hopefully I have the opportunity to enterta
Just Anything About Running
0 307

Just another blog of all my running adventures across the US and the globe. It also doubles as my promotion site to raise money for the STEPS HALL FOUNDATION.
Grad School Strides
0 237
Running a 5K and Grad School: Both Seemingly Impossible to Conquer
0 520

Welcome to the RunRunLive Running Community
Come run with us! Transform your life!
Home of the RunRunLive Podcast
Dirty Running
0 908
This is a blog about trail running. I like to run, not sure from what or where to.
I'm a Sleeper Baker
0 823
I blog about running, healthy eating, and being a stay at home mom. Goals for 2011 are my second marathon, and first triathlon.
26.2 Quest
0 657

All about running and the Quest to Run A Marathon.
Shoes Full of Feet
0 630
You know that high you get from a great long distance run? Yeah... us neither. We're two BFFs challenging each other to quit making excuses because it's high time that we learn to run. With brains i
The Courage of Lungs
0 762
A blog about my running adventures and efforts to qualify for Boston.
Getting Fit at Fifty
0 351

A blog dedicated to my journey from an over weight, out of shape couch potato to a marathon runner.
I Am Endorphin Dude, See Me Run!
0 519
On April Fool's Day I thought I was having a heart attack. No joke. I knew I had to make some changes in my life, so I took my dog for a walk around the block. That short walk turned into two blocks,
Junk MIles
0 658
A view of life from the many hours spent swimming, biking and running as I prepare for the many challenges that lie ahead.
Nike Running
0 464
Running Gear
Daily Vitamin F
0 783

Daily Vitamin F is all about fitness, food & more. I share A LOT of my running & running experiences on it.
Ron Poggi's Running Blog
0 409
My philosophy is simple - If you can run a marathon, then you can accomplish anything. Here you will get insites, experiences & fun stuff all related to the concept that exercise (running) plus nutrit
Run, Zoë, Run!
0 957
Daily Adventures in Running
Lazy Bones Running
0 666
A normal person with a passion for all things running.
The Studly Runner
0 2037

Join this accidental marathoner as she balances family, fitness and fun while fulfilling her dream of running the five marathon majors.
Tribal Running
0 917

An online running community for those addicted to running with over 4,100 runners from around the world and growing. New Leaderboard system.
Words to Run By
0 916
After hitting rock bottom, I started running to get fit and maybe loose a little weight in the process. What ended up happening was a complete transformation of my life.
Run Calum Run
0 352
The adventures of extreme music journalist Calum Harvie as he undertakes a series of increasingly daft running challenges.
Tales of The Runner
0 1078

A Retired Air Traffic Controller, who traded in his headset for a pair of running shoes. I ran my first half marathon in 2006, and then wanted more ...Marathon, 50k, and beyond.
Reckless Abandon
0 433
A chronicle of my multisport journey and the products, people and inspiration that get me through my next race.
Running Man Wannabe
0 687

A beginning runner explores training, food and desire to prepare in 100 days for his first 5k race on his 45th birthday.
A Fat Man's Marathon
0 583
Blog about my personal quest to run a marathon.
Feet in Motion @ Wordpress
0 546

College runner who loves every bit of running. Visit to share the college experience of college food, a journey to a first half marathon, a journey to making the cross country team and the daily life of a college girl!
Mind Over Body Marathon
0 823
My quest from non-runner to multi-marathoner in 1 year. MOBMarathon focuses on mental conditioning, nutrition and living a happy life.
entrainement jogging
0 763
entrainement toutes distances tous noveaux
Midwest Multisport Life
0 764

Father, husband, nnovice triathlete. Family, food, work, training, gear, and books.
Broken Hearted Runner
0 863
I'm a runner. It just so happens that I've also had a couple of heart surgeries. I've never been overweight, never eaten poorly. Some things, like a heart problem just happen and have to be overcom
Running in the Family
0 837 provides information and resources to help families stay fit and enjoy running together!
Never Underestimate the Power of a Running Woman
0 672

I am a mommy-turned-runner who started writing a blog to help my friends who needed inspiration in their running. I write about my training, the good stuff and the bad. I also write about running ge
Run, Courtney, Run
0 443
Adventure Junkie Mom
0 476
A blog with information on running, triathlon (currently training for Ironman) adventure racing, traveling and life and how I juggle it all while being a Mom.
0 903
A blog dedicated to finding balance between parenthood, writing and running.
0 331

A community of runners.
12 months 12 races
0 429
in 2009 i ran 12 marathons in 12 months, taking my total of marathons run since turning 50 to 30. that challenge completed, i am pressing on. it's now all about the sequels.
Running With Snakes
0 646
A blog about running and being a mom. I cover my training and preparation for my first ultramarathon and my transition to minimalist/barefoot running.
Racing Stripes
0 626
Racing Stripes is a personal running blog that details the journey of qualifying for Boston. It also contains running advice and commentary on the local running scene (Washington DC).
Running Circles Around The Turtles
0 639
Blogging about the journey toward the finish line.... Follow along as an over-40 diabetic (newbie) runner explores the ups and downs of running and its impact on her health, spirit, and perspective.
ahotu Marathons
0 351

ahotu Marathons helps endurance runners from all aver the world find their next races : half marathons, marathons, ultra marathons or multiday. Wether you are a trail lover or a star of the road, you'll find your race on our calendar.
Lets Trailrun
0 401
Ultra Running in SoCal
Caratunk Girl
0 483
That crazy chick from Caratunk, Maine who runs in the snow, bikes in the rain, and swims across the lake just for fun.
Hoffman's Race Blog
0 362
My racing adventures - swimming, cycling, and running!

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